What Makes a Trading?

A trading company represents companies around the world. Providing a full range of products and solutions for diverse industries through a process of collaborative development with customers and suppliers.

All these requirements, coupled with long experience in the movement of goods around the world, allow us to offer our customers products and solutions that meet the most stringent environmental and operational standards.

In order to succeed in our mission, we have a committed team of specialists in Procurement, Project Management, Marketing, Production, Logistics, Procurement and Sales Department, with the firm purpose of providing our clients with accurate and efficient services.

In summary your company benefits from our global knowledge and capabilities to generate great results.

Our Mission is to create a link between your needs and our abilities to achieve - together - success.

SMP also stands out for its expertise in public competitions in Brazil.

Operating in major international markets, SMP is strategically positioned, with offices in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil and New York / USA. It also has professionals specialized in international business transactions, fluent in English, Spanish and French.





Occupation Area


The company SMP operates in the most diverse business areas.

  • Industries
  • Agribusiness
  • Chemicals; Machines and equipment
  • Lighting and airport facilities
  • Equipamentos e Instalações de Segurança Aeroportuária
  • Wave guides and related equipment; Antennas; Attenuators; Couplings; Transmission lines
  • Commercial and military aircraft; Aircraft parts; Airport; Aviation
  • Electricity; Industrial equipment
  • Chemistry / Petrochemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals; Machinery; Plastic Products
  • Construction / Heavy Equipment
  • Cranes; Loader; BOP; spare parts
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Health Technologies
  • Biotechnology; Pharmaceutical products
  • Communications, Computers; Hardware; Telecom
  • Laboratory Instruments and Equipment
  • Navigation equipment; Instruments of Voice, Instruments of Motor; Measurement and Testing Equipment
  • Emergency Location Equipment; Lighting
  • Spare parts and accessories for ships
  • Oil industry
  • Exploration Equipment
  • Radar Equipment
  • Shipbuilding



Rio de Janeiro

Av. Ewerton Xavier, 2423 - Sala 208
Itaipu - Niterói / RJ - Brasil
CEP: 24350-105 / Tel: 55 21 3030-2460

New York

1271 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 4300
New York City, NY 10020
Phone: 516 224-3256 / 800 903-4930